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It’s A Shame That Entrepreneurs Struggle When Proven Publicity Strategies Can Quickly Expose You To Your Market And Bring Paying Customers To Your Door”
Maria Simone - Passion To Prosperity Diva
Maria Simone
Passion To Prosperity
Give us 14 days and we’ll reveal the “secrets” of how to get the media to shine the spotlight on YOUR business, bringing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity and throngs of customers and opportunities! Sherry L. Butler - CEO Sherry L. Butler Communications
Sherry Butler
PR "Bulldog"

Dear Friend,

If you don't have a thorough understanding of how to connect with the media on a regular basis, you could be leaving millions of dollars in potential revenue and media exposure on the table.

“Get The Media Calling & Customers Showing Up At Your Door”
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Maria Simone here.

Yes, I’ve had several business accomplishments I’m proud of over the years but the bottom line is I’m an entrepreneur like you ---I’m not a publicist, I’m not a rock star, a best selling author (yet), or Hollywood celebrity and I definitely didn’t find the cure for cancer--- yet over the past year alone I’ve been on
ABC News and Fox TV, and have appeared in Success Magazine, Inventors Digest, Southern California Magazine, interviewed for Business Week and countless others. I appear as a guest of talk radio programs around the country on a regular basis and often get asked back. Others blog about me, cross-link with me and regularly promote me to their networks. One conversation with a reporter and the article gets syndicated in 30 different newspapers.  The exposure that I’ve received goes on and on…. it’s pretty wild!

What has this meant to me?

● Media exposure has inspired investors to invest and corporations to sponsor me during the early stages of my company launches

● Being written and talked about  provides instant credibility which has created AMAZING opportunities and doors opening

● I have more than doubled my business these past 18 months because of the additional media exposure

● I’ve EASILY attracted new strategic partners who are helping me go to the next level because of the exposure I’ve received in the media. I may not have gotten past the “gatekeepers” without it

● Department stores have taken on and sold my products because of the media exposure I’ve received

● Prospective customers easily find me and I get TONS of referrals, thanks in part to media exposure

● Online media exposure has allowed me to work smarter because the seeds I’ve planted continue to grow every day

● I currently spend ZERO dollars in advertising because media exposure is FREE and I know how to access it

● I have leveraged the exposure I’ve received to create more abundant OPPORTUNITIES  for myself including revenue sharing and acquiring stock in up-and-coming companies.

Enough of me, let’s talk about YOU!

So, knowing what I know about the power of publicity, I’ve been amazed that so many entrepreneurs with great products and services are struggling in obscurity and finding it very difficult to get the attention of investors, retailers and prospective customers. I decided to ask around and this is what I’ve been hearing:

● I’m not an expert or celebrity so why should I bother?

● Don’t I have to wait until I’m successful to get noticed by the media?

● I don’t know what steps to take, or how to even begin approaching these people

● I don’t have the budget for a big publicity campaign

● How do I know I can maintain the integrity of my message if I let the media in?

● The list goes on and on. Over the years I have taken what I learned for granted so I was VERY surprised to hear that many entrepreneurs don’t realize just how POWERFUL this medium can be, how INEXPENSIVE it is, how PERPETUATING it can be, and how relatively easy it can be to implement…when you know the precise strategies to incorporate into your publicity campaigns.

I learned the hard way but it doesn’t
have to be that way for you

● When I launched my first business in 1993 I totally did not get how powerful media exposure can be but I had to make a very conscious choice to include it in my business. I THOUGHT it was something that just happens to you. I totally neglected that path thinking it was out of reach financially and because I just didn’t know what to do.  I spent a lot of extra money on advertising and marketing when I could have gotten FREE publicity instead.

● Several years later I went to the other extreme! I hired a PR firm and spent almost $40,000 on a product launch campaign. Looking back, I realized most of the expense was the time I got billed for. The publicity was FREE but I just didn’t know how to get it on my own and paid dearly for it. I was pleased with the results but quickly learned how to achieve some of those results on my own.

● I finally got the formula that really works, gets the results I desire, saves me tons of money, leaves me feeling empowered and in total gratitude for all the support I’ve learned to attract.  I’m even more excited to be able to share my strategies with clients… but it’s not enough.

So, I enlisted PR expert Sherry Butler and asked her to divulge her “publicity secrets” to entrepreneurs who want to tap into the POWER of the media while I work by her side to demonstrate HOW to put all of it to work to help GROW THEIR BUSINESS.

Sherry's clients have saturated their Local markets and appeared in National media such as NYTimes, LA Times, Spa Worldwide, USA Today, Bon Appétit, Oprah, CNN, CNBC's "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and more.

Here’s what we know works….

● Make a conscious choice to include publicity into your routine…the awareness alone will help to manifest the necessary resources

● Understanding and implementing a critically important 5 part success formula for all your agendas

● Know how and when to delegate certain critical activities to a professional while maintaining control of the campaign… and your budget.

● Implement regular networking activities to connect with influencers, media, supporters & potential strategic partners who can help further your agenda

● Document & systematize all activities so tasks can be put on autopilot and regularly REPEATED by members of your team

● View each campaign as a spring-action ramp--- leverage all results to CATAPULT to another level

● Frequently track progress so you can ALWAYS focus on what’s working without losing sight of your goals

We’ve Listened To What You’ve Had To Say And We’re Excited To Present A SPECIAL 5-Part Teleseminar Series created especially for Entrepreneurs:

“Get Explosive Results With Publicity!”

We promise to give you everything…and we know you’ll be so excited, we’re delivering it over a condensed 2 week period so you can hit the ground running sooner than later! Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get.
All calls start at 6pm PST/ 7pm MST/ 8pm CST/ 9pm EST:



Monday, February 9th

Strategies on creating a million dollar publicity campaign              
Positioning yourself to become the news of the day…staying current
Anatomy of a Press Release
Creating a basic media kit


Thursday, February 12th

Creating a targeted media campaign
How to pitch your story to get picked up by the media & get the interview
Tapping into the power of Social Media for your business


Monday, February 16th

Hitting a home run with PRESENCE (both seen and unseen)
Follow-up that gets you called back as well as activities to AVOID
SPECIAL GUEST: You’ll receive feedback from a 25-year Network TV producer


Thursday, February 19th

How to create the snowball effect!
Leveraging the media as an entrepreneur to attract customers, contracts, investors and national coverage


Monday, February 23rd

Live session where you can ask any question of the experts, get feed back on your planned strategies, role play with the experts


As a reinforcement to our LIVE calls or in case you are unable to join us for all the calls, you’ll receive over 7 hours of call recordings PLUS a transcription of all our calls as well as templates and checklists that are being offered in the program. You won’t find this information anywhere else the way we’ve laid it out for you. This program is specifically designed for the ENTREPRENEUR who needs to learn how to tap into the power of the media while working on multiple tasks and needing a variety of resources--- including partners and investors.

● You’ll be able to refer back to the information as you continually launch new products and programs throughout the years.

●Have access to hundreds of pages of supporting notes, class outlines, templates, blueprints and resource information that you can review with your team for implementation at anytime you choose.

As you can see we really want your business to take off by tapping into the power of the media so we’ve included all the key ingredients you would need to succeed. If that wasn’t enough… we’ve gone over the top and added a ton of BONUSES.

Testimonials from publicity clients

“Thanks to the significant number of television interviews and newspaper coverage Sherry secured, my business has lots of notoriety in the Phoenix area and continues to bring in new clients from the press exposure I have received. We are now looking at expanding… and have hired her to do the publicity for its opening! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”
Kendra Jordan
Owner, k-Pilates Studio & Karve

Ear Candy has been popping up in magazines, newspapers, TV segments, and radio shows a lot!  The reason has been because I have an awesome Publicist who has been a Passionate Advocate for what we are doing!!! Sherry Butler has been instrumental in helping Ear Candy secure complimentary, high quality/quantity exposure!

Nate Anderson
Founder, Ear Candy Productions

Sherry brilliantly, found an angle that made us relevant to current events.  This made mainstream media take immediate interest in usresulted in Sweet Republic winning New Times' Best of Phoenix…featured in Bon Appetit's June issue. In terms of PR, we could not have asked for more.

HelenYung and Jan Wichayanuparp
Owners, Sweet Republic Ice Cream


Register for the program NOW and not only will you get our introductory special price, you'll also receive over $350 in BONUSES

Passion To Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills and Talents Bonus GIFT #1

“Passion To Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills and Talents” eBook

(Value $27

Sherry Butler

Professional review and edit of one Press Release by Sherry Butler

(Value $200

Sherry Butler

Sample “media friendly” Press Releases to model

(Value over $200)

10 Point Explosive Publicity Research Checklist
Linda Hollander - Attract Corporate Sponsors
Linda Hollander

Bonus Gift #5

How To Attract Corporate Sponsors As a Small Business, Author or Speaker An interview with Linda Hollander -

How would you like to do what you love and have someone else foot the bill? There are so many opportunities for corporate sponsorships.

(Value $47)


Sherry Butler

Social Media promotion by Sherry and her team (one time event)

Maria Simone

Special Report “How To Build A Team Of Advisors Who will Work For Free To Help Build Your Business”
I’ll show you how to attract hi-profile experts to your project who can open doors for you and help you move forward. I’ll show you where to go and what to say!

(Value $19.95)
Anna Weber
Anna Weber

“Explode Your Profits With Effective Follow-up”

Special Report shows you how to follow up with prospective customers to ultimately put more to your bottom line.

Dr. Letitia Wright


Video download bonus: "Getting Into The Media Right Now!"

TV Talk Show host Dr. Letitia Wright shows you how to have your message out there 24/7 letting people know about you and your business. The Wright Place TV Show, in it's 9th season, is the fastest growing show about business and is broadcast on television to over 4.2 million homes each week in Southern California.


“Internet Marketing And Publicity Directory” Resource list
Presented by Randy Peyser, CEO of

Get instant access to some of the top magazine and radio outlets for you to contact TODAY to help promote your products and services.

This bonus gift is a condensed section of Randy’s acclaimed $300 Directory

OK guys, I’m IN. How much does this cost?

We’re absolutely passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve over-the-top results in their business, so we’re practically giving this program away which is valued at over $4500. The introductory price is only $575  ----but this week our gift is an additional $200 off.

When you make the decision to create more abundance in your business by incorporating explosive publicity strategies RIGHT NOW, you pay only $375 or 2 payments of $199 each (15 days apart).

We really wanted this to be a no-brainer for you. The value and content are undoubtedly there but we realize that lots of people are feeling unsure of their future, fearful perhaps, and hesitant to invest their resources--- even though intuitively you know that’s how you’ll grow.

You can’t build successful businesses coming from a place of fear. Your resources will appear to shrink if you do. I believe if you commit to INVEST in yourself and your GROWTH, the abundance will show up sooner than later. Everything about our program is intended for that purpose!


"YES Maria & Sherry, I'm ready to FINALLY step into the success I deserve by learning how to GET EXPLOSIVE RESULTS WITH PUBLICITY

Get ready to access all the BENEFITS that this unique support program has to offer:

  • LIVE personalized teleclass training sessions in a program that will be SOLD OUT
  • ONE-on-ONE Review of your press release with Sherry Butler
  • Playback recordings and written transcripts of all calls
  • BONUS gifts from complimentary service providers that total over $350

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We invite you to attend the program and if for any reason, you don’t feel this is one of the most comprehensive publicity building programs that you've experienced just send us an email within 10 days of the start of the program, and We'll gladly give you a 100% full refund.

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We’ve taken the RISK away --- you have nothing to lose.

Maria Simone - Passion To Prosperity Diva
Maria Simone
Passion To Prosperity
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Sherry L. Butler - CEO Sherry L. Butler Communications
Sherry Butler
PR "Bulldog"

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